Green Suggestions
for Church Events and Meetings

Paper Use

•  Minimize the use of handouts
•  Use quarter and half-size pages of paper.
•  Use white, 100% recycled paper
•  Reduce margin size to fit more on a page
•  Use colored ink instead of    colored paper
•  Use overhead or PowerPoint instead of paper
•  Use double-sided printing


•  Adhere to Heating and Cooling Policy
•  Turn off lights, equipment when not in  use
•  Use fresh air and/or fans instead of A/C
•  Minimize water use
•  Use nozzle when using a hose

Refreshments and Meals

•  Use locally grown and produced foods
•  Use reusable dishes, glasses, and utensils
•  Offer vegetarian options
•  Use tap water instead of bottled water
•  Use locally grown flowers

General Considerations

•  Borrow or buy used instead of buying new
•  Instead of giving “things” as prizes or gifts, give services, certificates, or local foods, plants or produce.
•  Remember and remind others to carpool or use Green transportation to get to church
•  Please share your green suggestions with the Green Sanctuary Committee.

For more information about the Green Sanctuary Program and our Committee, please contact Chair, Liza Robinson, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .