2nd Sunday Social Justice Collections

Over the past 6 years, the Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Coordinating Committee has collected and distributed over $100,000 from the UU Church’s 2nd Sunday offering for the following groups as well as special emergency collections.  We are truly making the world a better place with our support!

    Community Alliance    
    Bicycle Clinic                        
    M’Ella House                   
    Barrios Unidos            
    EOC Sanctuary            
    Interfaith Alliance
    Community Food Bank
    Prison Ministry 
    All About Care
    M’Ella House
    Fresno Center for Non-Violence
    Valley Children’s  Food Pantry
    Friendly Visitors Service                
    Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry
    Hurricane Katrina Survivors
    Food Not Bombs
    Hmong American Community
    Khmer Society of America    
    St. Benedict Catholic Worker
    Tsunami Survivors
    Metro Ministry
    Counter Recruitment
    CV Clean Air Coalition
    Fresno Center for Nonviolence


    CA Rural Legal Defense Fund
    Fresno Free Medical Clinic
    Survivors of Suicide
    Fresno Interfaith Refugee Ministry
    West Fresno Health Care Coalition
    Boys and Girls Clubs
    Centro La Familia
    Valley Center for the Blind
    Planned Parenthood/Noble Men
    Youth Leaders Ministry
    El Concilio
    National Hmong American Farmers
    Needle Exchange
    Interfaith Mental Health
    Dyson Homeless Project
    Meet In The Middle
    Alternatives to Violence Project
    Centro Binacional
    West Fresno Health Care      
    St. Benedict Catholic Worker
    EOC Sanctuary                     
    Interfaith Social Justice Collaborative
    ACLU of Fresno