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About Lifespan Religious Education:

A primary purpose of religion—and religious education—is to nurture all that is right and good in us, to help us to grow into our best selves.


From infancy through all stages of life, Unitarian Universalist religious education grounds us in our values, bonds us together in community, teaches what our souls need to know, and inspires us to bring more peace, justice, and love into the world. (Excerpted from the Unitarian Universalist pocket guide.)


Here at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fresno we believe that nurturing what is right and good happens from birth through our laterstages in life. We offer classes for all ages that are thematically focused and sourced in our Unitarian Universalist principles.




About Thematic Ministry

Our religious education program is structured around monthly theological themes that are utilized in our worship service, small group ministries and youth classrooms. There are opportunities to engage the monthly theme at church, home and in our newsletter.






Lifelong Learning at UUCF

New to UU

Click  to find out about our Pathways to Membership class is an excellent starting place for those new to the fellowship. No commitment is required but you’ll learn about our faith and become acquainted with the fellowship. Ages 16 and up



Adult Religious Exploration


The UU Church of Fresno stands with you to offer a glimpse into UU Identity and Faith Development. We accomplish this with small group discussions, theology coursework, and multiple events from workshops to interpersonal sharing of experiences. We also offer theologically grounded classes for adults, Spiritual Quest groups, small lay-lead weekly discussion meetings where we delve deeply into our principals and our covenant. 

CLICK HERE for Winter/Spring 2018 classes


 Our new Young Adult group at UUCF: 

1cur·rent adjective \ˈkər-ənt, ˈkə-rənt\ 

: happening or existing now : belonging to or existing in the present tim 


: a continuous movement of water or air in the same direction 

: a flow of electricity 

: an idea, feeling, opinion, etc., that is shared by many or most of the people in a group 

In our technologically advanced age and with a growing disinterest in religion, Unitarian Universalism offers much to the millennial generation and those growing up in the spiritual and religiously questioning age. This is a casual group of young adults who would like to explore their faith and discuss young adulthood over coffee, snacks, pizza and watch inspirational film and TED talks. If you are interested, contact Katie Hymans at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Ages 18 to 36


Spirit School

Spirit School (K-12) is our thematically based and experiential religious education offered here at UUCF. Our classes provide learning opportunities for all youth regardless of learning styles, gender, religion or culture. We learn about our monthly theme and discuss our Unitarian Universalist principles and sources. From yoga to world religions; social justice to sustainability, click here to see our offerings for K-12.