What does a typical Sunday Service look like?

We hope that the service will be meaningful and deepen your spiritual life. Most Sunday services focus on a specific theme or topic, which will be explored more fully in the minister’s sermon. The musical selections sung by the choir or special musicians, the hymns we all sing together, readings, prayers, and opening and closing words are all chosen for their thematic relevance to the sermon.

A typical service might look like this:

  • Welcome by a member of the congregation

  • Music to help us center and calm ourselves for the service

  • Lighting the chalice (the symbol of Unitarian Universalism)

  • Congregational hymn singing

  • Meditative reading(s)

  • Sharing of joys and sorrows

  • A time for prayer and silent reflection

  • Sermon

  • Musical interlude

  • Congregational hymn singing

  • Closing words and minister’s blessing

Any given service may include music and readings from a variety of faith traditions. You also might hear from humanist teachings that remind us to heed the guidance of reason and science. Contemporary poetry or other readings from many sources will touch your heart and real life stories will inspire you.

Example of an Order of Service: