A primary purpose of religion—and religious education—is to nurture our own spiritual growth and search for truth and meaning. Our program is based on the idea that children and youth learn, grow, and flourish in an environment that recognizes and meets different learning styles, individual interests, and developmental stages. Because of this, we offer a variety of experiences for exploring faith and spirituality, including a variety of creative activities. Every Sunday is filled with opportunities for creative expression and social action, and time for fun and fellowship. As Unitarian Universalists we recognize the inherent worth and dignity within everyone. We teach Unitarian Universalist faith that includes seven principles and six sources. Come join us and learn how this community is inclusive and open to you being you! 

How do I explain Unitarian Universalism to my child?

The seven Unitarian Universalist principles have been adapted for children.

We believe:

What programming is available for my child?

Each Sunday, look for the Religious Exploration Table located in the breezeway. There you'll find Eva Viotto, Sunday Children's Program Coordinator, who will welcome you to the day's activities! Joined by our Religious Exploration team, Eva will lead the group in a lesson and different activities focused around the seven principles listed above. These can include games, art projects, a story from our Norelma Walker Youth Librarians, and more!

Our Middle School group meets for game nights, field trips, and social justice projects!

Masks are now optional!

Questions? Contact our Director of Lifelong Learning, Karen Polnitz at dll@uufresno.org